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1st LOOK - Magazine Cover Stray Kids

SFr. 18.00 SFr. 25.00

Release date: May 1, 2023

Shipping starts 10-20 days after the release

Stray Kids, eight youths who make the world go wild. On a busy spring day with the end of the world tour and preparations for a new album, I took a break that came like a gift with Necipic, a naturalistic cosmetic product.

Pictorial & Article

Day6 Young K
One fine day, on the second day after being discharged, I met DAY6's Young K.

Kep1er made a comeback with the 4th mini album 'Lovestruck'. The nine girls who finally realized love sing of true love as their relationship deepened.

Park Hee-soon
Believing and following the word ‘good acting’ to the point of recklessness. Park Hee-soon's acting begins now.


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